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Stevia Rebaudiana – اسٹیویا ریبوڈیانا

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Savor sweetness without compromise with Stevia Rebaudiana – اسٹیویا ریبوڈیانا (also known as Candy-leaf) – A natural, sugar-free delight. Elevate your recipes with this guilt-free herbal addition, grown with care for a healthier lifestyle.


Stevia Rebaudiana plant – اسٹیویا ریبوڈیانا (also known as Candy-leaf), nature’s sweet secret for healthy life, is now available. This herbaceous marvel, grown for its natural sweetness, is a guilt-free alternative to sugar. Our carefully nurtured Stevia plants deliver the sweetness of the soil to your fingertips, improving your culinary experience with a dash of health.

Scientific Name: Stevia rebaudiana

Name in Urdu: اسٹیویا ریبوڈیانا

Best Season to Plant: Ideal planting time for Stevia Rebaudiana in Lahore is during the spring months, from March to May. This allows the plant to establish strong roots, gearing up for abundant leaf production during the growing season.

Soil Requirement: Stevia thrives in well-drained, loamy soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Adequate sunlight and proper drainage are crucial for optimal growth. Incorporate organic matter to enhance soil fertility.

Best Environment Required: Stevia Rebaudiana plant prefers a sunny environment and requires at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Ensure well-ventilated spacing for air circulation. Stevia adapts well to container gardening, making it suitable for various settings.

Best Blooming Month (Calendar and Desi Month): While Stevia is primarily grown for its sweet leaves rather than blooms, the plant may produce small, white flowers during the late summer months, corresponding to the calendar months of August to October. In the Desi calendar, this aligns with the months of Bhadon to Katak.

Desi Month Calendar Guide

Benefits of Stevia Rebaudiana Plant:

  1. Natural Sweetener.
  2. Blood Sugar Regulation. (Best for Diabetics )
  3. Weight Management.
  4. Dental Health.
  5. Antioxidant Properties.

Add the sweetness of Stevia Rebaudiana – اسٹیویا ریبوڈیانا to your life. Order now for a healthier, naturally sweetened culinary journey.


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