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Mango – آم

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Elevate your Pakistani orchard with Mango – آم, featuring luscious, golden fruit and a sweet, tropical aroma. Thriving in warm climates, this mango variety is a true symbol of tropical indulgence for fresh enjoyment and culinary delights.

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Introducing Mango – آم a special Pakistani delight, a treasure for your orchard. With its luscious, golden fruit and sweet, tropical aroma, this mango variety brings the taste of sunshine to your garden. Thriving in the warm climate of Pakistan, Mango – آم is known for its juicy, flavorful flesh and is perfect for both fresh enjoyment and culinary delights. Plant in well-draining soil, provide ample sunlight, and water consistently for optimal growth. Elevate your orchard with the golden delights of Golden Mango Bliss, a true symbol of tropical indulgence.

Urdu Name: آم

Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor Tree

Best Season to Grow: Plant Golden Mango Bliss in late winter to early spring for optimal establishment and vibrant growth in the warm climate of Pakistan.

Care Tips:

Sunlight: Provide full sunlight for at least 6-8 hours daily.

Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during flowering and fruiting. Reduce watering in the winter.

Soil: Plant in well-draining soil enriched with organic matter.

Pruning: Prune to shape the tree and remove dead or diseased branches.


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