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Cassia Javanica – Cassia Nodosa – کاسیا جاوانکا / ناڈوسہ

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Transform your garden with Cassia Javanica / Cassia Nodosa – A vibrant burst of nature’s beauty. Order now for clusters of blossoms that paint your space with colorful elegance which attracts the wildlife.


The Cassia Javanica plant or Cassia Nodosa plant – کاسیا جاوانکا / ناڈوسہ is a stunning display of nature’s splendor. Decorate your garden with vivid clusters of blossoms, transforming your outside space into a colorful retreat. Our skillfully cultivated Cassia Javanica plants / Cassia Nodosa Plant offer a symphony of elegance for your botanical retreat.

Scientific Name: Cassia Javanica / Cassia Nodosa

Name in Urdu: کاسیا جاوانکا / کاسیا ناڈوسہ

Best Season to Plant: Ideal planting time for Cassia Javanica in Lahore is during the warm months of spring, from February to April. This allows the plant to establish strong roots and sets the stage for a spectacular bloom during the summer.

Soil Requirement: Cassia Javanica thrives in well-draining soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Incorporate organic matter to enhance fertility. Regular watering and mulching contribute to optimal growth and flowering.

Best Environment Required: Cassia Javanica flourishes in full sunlight, requiring at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. These adaptable plants can tolerate various soil types but thrive in well-drained, loamy soil. Provide adequate spacing for proper air circulation.

Best Blooming Month (Calendar and Desi Month): Cassia Javanica graces your garden with vibrant blooms during the summer months, typically in the calendar months of May to July. According to the Desi calendar, this corresponds to the months of Jeth to Ashadh.

Benefits of Cassia Javanica / Cassia Nodosa:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal.
  2. Butterfly Attraction.
  3. Low Maintenance.


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