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Explore the opulent realm of flora with the Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers in the world. Certain blossoms transcend the ordinary, enchanting hearts and minds with unique beauty and exclusivity. Join us on a hypnotic journey through the ethereal landscapes of excess, unveiling the mysteries of these extraordinary blooms. From the genetic genius of the Blue Rose to the rare and expensive Kadupul Flower, each blossom is a monument to nature’s beauty and human fascination. Investigate the origins, scientific complexities, names, and exorbitant price tags that come with these amazing flowers. Discover the seasons and environments these blooms call home, from controlled greenhouses to the wild outdoors. Let us stroll around opulent gardens and uncover the stories behind these floral gems.

1. Blue Rose:

(گل آسمانی / آسمانی گلاب)

Origin: The elusive Blue Rose, originating from laboratories in Japan in the early 2000s through genetic engineering.

Scientific Name: Rosa spp. (The blue rose is a result of genetic modification; hence, it doesn’t have a specific scientific name in the traditional sense.)

Blue Rose | گل آسمانی / آسمانی گلاب | World's top 10 expensive flowers

Urdu Name: گل آسمانی / آسمانی گلاب

Average Selling Price: $20 – $30 / PKR. 5600 – PKR. 8700 per stem

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Best cultivated in late spring and early summer, thriving in cool temperatures.

Indoor or Outdoor: Primarily an outdoor plant due to its need for natural sunlight.

2. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid:

     (آرکڈ / اشنھ)

Origin: Developed by Shenzhen Nongke University in China through a combination of in-vitro fertilization and traditional breeding methods.

Scientific Name: Cymbidium spp.

Splendid orchid flower view

Urdu Name: شینزین نونگک آرکڈ

Average Selling Price: Up to $200,000 or PKR. 5675000 per plant at auctions.

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Orchids prefer controlled indoor environments with stable temperatures and high humidity.

Indoor or Outdoor: Primarily indoor.

3. Juliet Rose (جولییٹ گلاب):

Origin: Bred by David Austin Roses in the United Kingdom, combining classical and modern rose varieties.

Scientific Name: Rosa ‘Juliet’

Urdu Name: جولییٹ گلاب

Average Selling Price: Approximately $5 million or PKR. 1418950000 per stem.

Julliet Rose | جولییٹ گلاب | Defence Gardens | World's Most expensive Rose

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Flourishes in spring and early summer, requiring mild temperatures.

Indoor or Outdoor: Ideal for outdoor cultivation, needs ample sunlight and well-draining soil.

4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid: 

     (کنابالو آرکڈ)

Origin: Indigenous to Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia.

Scientific Name: Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

Kinabalu Orchid | World's Top expensive flowers list

Urdu Name: کنابالو آرکڈ

Average Selling Price: Up to $6,000 or PKR. 1700000 per stem.

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Flourishes in the cool temperatures of high-altitude rainforests, making late spring and early summer optimal.

Indoor or Outdoor: Primarily outdoor, needing high humidity and filtered sunlight.

5. Saffron Crocus: 
(زعفران کا پھول)

Native to the Mediterranean region, particularly Greece and Iran.

Scientific Name: Crocus sativus

Urdu Name: زعفران کا پھول

Saffron flower grown in grass

Average Selling Price: Valued at $1,500 – $2,000 or PKR. 267000 – PKR. 565000 per pound of saffron.

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Blooms in the fall, with the saffron spice harvest in late autumn.

Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor; requires full sunlight and well-draining soil.

6. 17th-Century Tulip Bulb:


Native to the Ottoman Empire, gained popularity during the Dutch Tulip Mania in the 17th century.

Scientific Name: Tulipa spp.

Urdu Name: نرگس

Tulip flower| Unique flowers

Average Selling Price: Exact price is not availabe but you may understand that, During tulipomania, a single bulb could be worth the price of a luxurious house. Today, rare bulbs can still fetch thousands of dollars.

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Plant in the fall for beautiful spring blooms.

Indoor or Outdoor: Primarily outdoor, requiring a winter chilling period.

7. Orchids of the Rare Rothschild’s Reserve:

(نایاب روتھ چائلڈز نرگس)

Origin: Indigenous to the Rothschild’s Reserve in England, exclusively preserved for its endangered status.

Scientific Name: Orchidaceae (Various species endemic to the Rothschild’s Reserve)

Rare Orchids | Defence Gardens | Top 10 expensive flowers

Urdu Name: نایاب روتھ چائلڈز نرگس

Average Selling Price: Prices exceed $5,000 or PKR. 1418000 per plant due to strict restrictions on collection.

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Maintained in controlled environments throughout the year for continuous blooming.

Indoor or Outdoor: Exclusively kept in controlled greenhouse environments to mimic their natural habitat.

8. Kadupul Flower:

     (گل بکاؤلی)

Origin: Indigenous to Sri Lanka, the Kadupul flower is steeped in folklore and mystical tales.

Scientific Name: Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Urdu Name: گل بکاؤلی / کاڈوپل پھول

Rare white beautiful rose flower

Average Selling Price: Its elusive nature contributes to its priceless status, estimates suggest thousands of dollars per bloom.

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Blooms throughout the year, typically during late evening and night.

Indoor or Outdoor: Thrives outdoors in its native climate due to sensitivity to environmental changes.

9. The Black Bat Flower:

     (بلیک بیٹ (چمگادڑ) پھول)

Origin: Native to Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand and Malaysia.

Scientific Name: Tacca chantrieri

Urdu Name: بلیک بیٹ (چمگادڑ) پھول

Black Bat Flower | Top 10 World's most expensive Flower

Average Selling Price: Valued at $20 – $35 or PKR. 6000 – 9000 per flower or seed.

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Warm and humid climates are ideal, blooming in late spring and early summer.

Indoor or Outdoor: Primarily outdoor, but can be grown indoors in large containers.

10. The 100 Dollar Bill Rose:

       (سو ڈالر بل گلاب)

Origin: Developed by Eurosa Farms in Ecuador through selective breeding.

Scientific Name: Rosa spp. (Hybrid variety)

Urdu Name: سو ڈالر بل گلاب

$100 bill Rose | World's Most expensive flowers

Average Selling Price: Priced around $100 or PKR. 3000-4000 per stem.

Season and Atmosphere to Grow: Thrives in mild temperatures, making spring and fall ideal for cultivation.

Indoor or Outdoor: Suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation with ample sunlight.

As we near the end of our tour of the most luxurious blossoms in the globe, it becomes evident that these flowers are more than just botanical marvels; they are living artworks that combine nature’s brilliance with human endeavor. Each petal offers a story of uniqueness, creativity, and the pursuit of the extraordinary, from the meticulously nurtured Juliet Rose to the fabled Kadupul Flower. In the world of flowers, price tags represent the intangible value we place on beauty, rarity, and the ethereal. May these flower extravagance stories inspire a deeper appreciation for the unique and extraordinary creations that bloom around us, reminding us that nature’s canvas is painted with shades of wonder and exclusivity.

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